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Term Paper Writing Process in Detail

Instead of convincing you how reliable our service is, we will provide you with a detailed list of what we do when you hand us the instructions for your term paper. Our reputation speaks for itself - that is probably why you are on this website in the first place.


The starting point of term paper writing is outlining. An outline of a term paper is done based on instructions and a general term paper structure. Most of the time, you'll be given a term paper format for us to follow. If not, we will go with the common structure for all written papers - introduction, body, and conclusion.

Topic choices

    If it isn't handed to you with the instructions, we can help you choose your term paper topic. When doing so, we are taking the following into consideration:

    • Length of the paper. This should tell us how broad of a subject to choose.
    • Complexity. The task is to explain a topic and have sufficient data to do so.

Term paper structure

For a term paper to be structured the right way, it follows the steps below:

  • Cover page that contains the deadline date, your name and that of the teacher.
  • An abstract that describes the paper and tells the reader where it is headed.
  • An introduction that states the topic, provides some background and includes a hook.
  • Body paragraphs that consist of a synthesis of the entire research.
  • Results that show what you've learned throughout your research, whether your view remained the same or not.
  • The discussion that discusses those results and finishes with a conclusion that summarizes the topic.


The final piece of the puzzle is editing the draft we have written for you. We don't just go and submit the first version our writers come up with. What we do is take that version and do a thorough editing to ensure its greatness. Only then do we proceed to send it to you for approval.

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